Quaralympics 2022

the new VARIANT – sportier and more MODERN(A)


The insane, successful and international online sports event is back!

From 1 - 03.04.2022 we guarantee a maximum of excitement and international experiences, no matter how the level of infections develops!

Apply with your team of 6 for an international weekend, and compete in 7 different online-disciplines, live against other teams from around the world. In addition - and this is new this year - we invite all teams (if the Covid-situation allows it) to an international athletes evening and Finals Day to our beautiful Sports- and Education-Camp Wetzlar.

You ask yourself how this should work? Convince yourself of the innovative project idea and click on the video!






Send us a creative application photo of your team (e.g. as a photo collage, screenshot or also .GIF) until the 02.03.2022 by mail to jugendreisen@remove-this.sportjugend-hessen.de

The maximum number of teams is limited to 20 teams (e.g. 10 from Germany and 10 from all over the world). (Of course, mixed teams, from different regions are also more than welcome!) If there are more than 20 teams interested, an independent jury of the Sportjugend Hessen will select the 20 "best" from all application photos. The equally weighted decision criterias of the jury are:  

1. creativity of the photo (humour, spirit as well as the overall impression) 

2. heterogeneity of the group (age, as well as degree of inclusion of the group) 

We will present the selected teams on Instagram @sportjugendhessen on 04.03.2022. 

Tournament schedule

During the Quaralympics weekend, each team will participate in a total of 7 disciplines such as "SARSketball CoV-2wentyone", "BeachCOVIDball-19" or "Social DisTENNISing". One team member competes in one  discipline against athletes from the other teams via "Zoom".

The earned points will be credited to the team account! Except the discipline "Team - COReONAgraphy": Here you'll start together as a team and send us a 1 minute video about all of you. All disciplines will be moderated from a TV studio, as well as commented and broadcasted live on Youtube. The moderation language is English. (But it is not necessary that the participants can speak English).

In addition, there will be a first-class online or hybrid side program planned by the "International Quaralympic Committee", a joint opening ceremony and great prizes. So don't wait too long, apply with your organisation, your federation, your friends or your family and start with the training for the Quaralympic Games from 01.04. - 03.04.2022.  

Anyone between the ages of 5 and 100 can participate! 

Up to 10 eventful international days await the winning team during the Eurocamp 2023 in our sports, nature and adventure camp at Lake Edersee. 

Invitation to Germany for Finals Day and Athletes' Evening

On Saturday the 02.04.2022 we invite all teams to an international athletes party to our Sports- and Education center in Wetzlar. If the infection situation allows it, we can meet personally, dance, exchange, communicate and have a fun time together.

Sportjugend Hessen will cover the costs for accommodation, food and program. Travel costs have to be covered by the teams themselves. We know, that most of you will not be able to visit us in Germany, which is no problem at all. We just want to offer the opportunity.

So don't worry if you're not able to come: Sunday will be a hybrid competition day. The athletes, who still have to compete in their discipline can either compete on the field of Sportjugend Hessen in Wetzlar or join online as usual. But you can be sure to be cheered by an audience either way. Registration deadline for the athletes' party, accommodation and matchfield reservation is 20.03.2022.



In each Quaralympics discipline only one athlete of the team will compete!

The exception is the discipline TEAM-COReONAgraphy. Here the whole team is required to compete together. Depending on the performance, the athlete collects points for the team account: 1st place = 1 point, 2nd place = 2 points, 3rd place = 3 points, etc. In the end, the team with the LESS points wins.

The disciplines will be held in real time through the online meeting tool "Zoom". Therefore we will send a link to all participating athletes by email, prior to all disciplines. This link will automatically open an online meeting. The athletes, their opponents, the referees and the moderators can be seen in this meeting. Spectators can follow the athletes' performance live at Youtube.

After a technical check, the discipline begins with the team in the lead starting. At a start signal from the moderator, the first athlete competes and the referees score the points. The athletes are finally "switched on" one after the other by the moderator and collect points. In most disciplines, 2 rounds are played, so that each athlete has 2 attempts.

International Quaralympic Committee

Each team captain will automatically be part of an "International Quaralympic Committee" and will plan the great side program (e.g. evening workshops, cultural offers, online concerts, theater...) together with the other team captains and the support of the Sportjugend Hessen. Therefore it would be advantageous if this person understands and can speak English.

The "International Quaralympic Committee" will be led by experienced supervisors from our organization. For this, the team captains will participate in about 4 online meetings and discuss their ideas with the team captains of the other teams. In addition, they are responsible for providing their team with all necessary information and material. The team captains receive a small allowance of 20,00€ per meeting. 


Here you will find the rules.


The participating teams will be determined by 02.03.2022. On this day, Quaralmypics material packages with all necessary items will be sent free of charge to the team captains of the respective teams. These materials must be used for the disciplines to ensure fair conditions for all. If necessary, the team captain (the person who sent the application) has to distribute the materials to the team members. Of course, you can already practice with the materials you already have at home. 

In addition, you will need a standard frying pan, standard toilet paper rolls and food cans.

Technical requirements

To participate, you need a stable internet connection and a device that allows you to video chat (e.g. laptop, smartphone or tablet). We strongly recommend a laptop that is not too far away from the router. In addition, a DSL or VDSL internet connection is necessary for a sufficient transmission rate of the webcam. If you don't have a sufficient broadband speed at home and also don't have the possibility to find it in reachable proximity (possibly at a friends or families house), just contact us or your team captain! We'll try to find a solution!

For the tournaments themselves, each athlete must place the laptop in a way that the entire Quaralympics playing field and at least part of the wall can be seen on the webcam. All this finally creates the conditions for the referees to observe that the disciplines are carried out according to the rules.