Quaralympics 2020

Important Information

Do you think an international exchange between up to 20 nations is impossible during CORONA-times? NO! With the „Quaralympic Games 2020“, we established a sportive, international online team event that can make it happen! You don’t believe it?

Check out the video:

From 19th to 26th of July, teams of 8 persons from all over the world will meet each other online, to compete in 9 Quaralympic-disciplines such as “BeachCOVIDball-19”, “Social DisTENNIScing” or “SARSketball CoV – 2”. Besides this, teams and leaders can participate at an amazing side-program, planned by a Quaralympic Committee, consisting of persons from all participating organisations: Such as an opening ceremony, cultural evening programs, exchange webinars and online-sit-togethers.



As you can see in the videos: Only 1 athlete starts in 1 discipline (lasting about 2 hours) and collects points for the whole team! Every discipline is to be played in the following match field and with specific materials that we’ll send to you by post, after you confirmed your participation.

What a team is made of?

One team should consist of 8 persons (athletes) between the age of 6 and 100 years and 1 leader (team captain). The whole event will be carried out in English, but true to the motto "sport speaks every single language", the English level doesn't need to be a perfect one. You'll find the most necessary information (e.g. rules of the disciplines) in the movies above and the team can support each other. So, a little bit of English will surely help, especially for the side-program, but is not necessary for participation.

The most teams will probably consist of experienced youth-exchange participants and/or ex-leaders in the age of 16 to 30.

What is the role of the leader?

The leader is part of an “International Quaralympic Committee” and plans the whole event together with the other leaders and the support of the German organisation “Sportjugend Hessen”. The “International Quaralympic Committee” will be managed by experienced supervisors of our organisation. The leaders will be divided into two groups and can decide either to

  • plan the side program (E.g. evening workshops, online-concerts, theatre, national evenings) or
  • Organize the competitions. (E.g. planning the event schedule, game supervising, referees, jury, scoring)

Therefore, they will participate in about 10 online meetings and discuss their ideas with the other leaders. Additional to this they’ll be in charge to brief their team with all necessary informations (like a team captain). The leaders will be rewarded by a small allowance of 20€ per meeting.

How does the Quaralympic Games work?

In each quaralympic-discipline (except the discipline: Team- COReONAgraphy) competes only one athlete of the team. Depending on the reached placing, the athlete collects points for the whole team (1st place = 1 point; 2nd place = 2 points; 3rd place = 3 points; …). According to this, the winning team is the one with the LOWEST total score (total of all individual-scores + Team COReONAgraphy).
The disciplines will be carried out in a live video-chat (Online-meeting) with all athletes, a “TV-presenter” and the referees.
Previous to every discipline the athlete will get a link via email that automatically opens an online meeting. Visitors can follow the event via livestream on Facebook, IGTV and YouTube. Every discipline starts with a randomly picked athlete and after a technology check to make sure, that the connection is stable and videos are working everywhere.
After a start signal the first athlete competes and the referees rate the points. The disciplines will last a maximum of 2 hours. Each team member only has to be online during that one discipline.
As already mentioned: For the discipline “Team-COReONAgraphy” the whole team is required to produce a teamvideo, that will be shown at the opening ceremony and rated by the whole audience. Check out our rulebook for more information.

Where comes the material from?

For all the disciplines you only need 1 ball, 1 stick and 1 bucket, which will be send to the leader for free, after the team confirmed its participation. This material must be used for the games in order to ensure fair conditions. But of course you can start practicing directly with the materials you already have at home.
Moreover you only need a customary pan, customary toiletpaper rolls and tin cans from your own :-)

What do you need to prepare?

Everybody has to set up a match field at his home or outside (check internet connection!). If the Corona situation of your country allows you to meet in small groups you can also think about having only 1 match field at somebody’s home, or somewhere else, where everybody can compete in its discipline.
And of course, you already have to train hard if your team wants to have a chance ;-)
Check out the Instagram channel as well: @sjh.adventures or @quaralympics

What technical requirements are needed?

Every athlete needs a stable internet connection and an electronic device, that enables a video chat (Computer, Tablet, Smartphone). We recommend a laptop which is placed not too far away from the internet router. Please check if your internet connection allows you to implement a video conference. If there is no possibility for you to have a stable connection: contact us, we’ll try to find a solution. (A speed of 6Mbits/s – Download and 2Mbits/s- Upload, should be already enough)

How to place your Webcam?

The entire Quaralympic match field and a part of the wall must be seen on your webcam.
These conditions finally allow the referees to make fair assessments.

Which prices can be won?

1st Place: Wins a free participation at our German Eurocamp from the 27th of July to the 08th of August 2021. That includes accommodation, food and active program in our Adventure Camp at Edersee, Harbshausen (except travel costs)

Livestream and rights

All disciplines will be moderated, commentated and broadcasted live via online livestream on IGTV; Facebook and YouTube. With the participation in the Quaralympic games you agree to be shown on the named platforms.

Participation list

We’ll put a participation list into the material box. We need the leaders to fill it in, sign, and send the list back to us by E-Mail